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Don Manvel
AIMS Board of Directors - Vice President

Leadership in innovation and technology has defined Don Manvel’s career. For over 25 years, he has focused on successfully bringing leading-edge technologies to market and, for the last decade, has been doing so for AVL – the recognized leader in developing clean and efficient technologies to power the world. As Chairman and CEO of AVL Americas, Don has led the company to significant growth, becoming well known for the next-generation technology and engineering solutions it provides.

Prior to joining AVL, Don held a variety of senior executive positions in various parts of the world. He worked closely on the first self-balancing, electric transportation device – the Segway Human Transporter. While at Chrysler, he was a member of the Iacocca “Dream Team,” the group that engineered the successful bailout and turnaround of this automotive icon.

Don is an enthusiastic backer of programs and initiatives that inspire young people, including the First Robotics competition for high school students and the SAE award-winning “A World in Motion” program for K-12 students.