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2024 Travel Dates

The 2024 Designated Travel Dates for Orchestra:

  • Arrive Graz July 9
  • Depart Graz August 17 or 18. (Everyone must be out of the Studentenheim by 12pm on August 18.)

Airport transfer is available only on these dates.

Orchestra members may NOT check into the Studentenheim before 10 a.m. on July 9.

If you are arriving in Graz before your assigned check in date and would like a list of suggested hostels and hotels, please email Theresa at [email protected]

Book your travel

You are responsible for booking your own travel arrangements.

If you are still a student, a good place to start your search is at Student Universe. A student ID card certifying your status with your university is required. Student Universe offers worldwide booking of flights, hotels, rental cars, rail tickets, vacation packages, cruises and sightseeing activities. If you plan to travel before, during or after AIMS, combining your bookings can lower the total cost. Please check all avenues for the best cost. We suggest checking airline websites, Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Also, do an internet search for “discount airfares to Europe” and that will bring up many sites for you to check. Additionally, if you have a trusted travel agent that is also a good option. If the travel agent works for a large agency sometimes they have negotiated fares with certain carriers.


We highly recommend you fly directly into Graz. (You will make a connection in a major city Munich, Frankfurt, etc. and then continue on to Graz.) If you fly into Graz and pay for an airport transfer, AIMS staff will pick you up at the airport. You and your luggage will be shuttled by bus, van or car to the Studentenheim.


The other option is to fly into Vienna and take the train to Graz. We do not recommend this option unless the fare is several hundred dollars cheaper.

Consider these things when weighing this option:

  • It is approximately 2.5 hours by train from Vienna to Graz and this must be booked separately. The fare is around $65 one way. (The train ride is lovely, with lots of beautiful scenery).
  • Getting from the airport in Vienna to the train station. There is excellent public transportation, however a taxi would be much easier. Once in Graz a taxi (around $20) is the best bet to get from the train station to the dorm. We don’t meet train arrivals.
  • LUGGAGE! 5+ weeks worth, with concert wear, music and instrument accessories packed as well. Even a world class packer would have at least one heavy suitcase plus a smaller one. Getting from the airport to the train station, up and down stairs, etc., with a lot of luggage can be overwhelming.
  • Language. These transfers will be made in a foreign language and although a lot of people speak English, it can still be daunting.
  • Jet Lag. Don’t underestimate the fatigue of flying to Europe on an overnight flight. It is a huge understatement to say it is difficult to function alone when sleep-deprived, carrying heavy luggage and having to think and read in German.


Late-night arrival is discouraged

Note: Arriving at the dormitory after 10:00 p.m. is not recommended. There is no receptionist for the Studentenheim and there may be no one to open the door or give you a room key. Notify us in advance by recording your arrival time in your registration data.

Do you need a travel visa?

If you are traveling with a passport that requires a visa to enter Austria, you must provide proof of having the appropriate visa by May 15. Visas are not required of citizens of U.S, Canada and EU countries. Check here to see if your citizenship requires an Austrian entry visa

Submit your travel info by June 10

We must have your travel information by June 10. Record your arrival and departure dates and times in your registration data. AIMS needs this information for all participants whether you travel to Graz by plane, train, bus, or car. You can return to the Registration web site and login using your Confirmation Code and Last Name.

  • Please record your arrival and departure information on the Registration web site.
  • If you plan to travel in other parts of Europe, please list your ARRIVAL in Graz and departure information (date, flight and time) on the Registration web site.
  • If you plan to arrive by car or train, please list your ARRIVAL date in Graz on the Registration web site.

How to purchase an airport transfer

If you are arriving in GRAZ on July 9, you may purchase transportation from the Graz Airport to the Studentenheim on the Make Payment page of the AIMS website. One way $15; round trip $30. (Taxi fare is $30+ each way.) Vouchers must be purchased in advance to allow us to plan the transportation. AIMS does not provide transportation from the train station.

Storing your luggage

If you wish to travel before or after AIMS, you may store your luggage at the Studentenheim.

Your address in Graz

The address of the Studentenheim is Neutorgasse 46, Graz. The Lobby, Information Desk and AIMS offices are on the first floor – Erste Stock (not the ground floor).

  • From Neutorgasse, enter the building at #46 through the glass doors. A “home4students” glass sign is above the door.
  • Walk down the hallway (passing the Post Office on the left) and turn right, passing through glass doors, entering the ground floor lobby.
  • Take the stairs or elevator up one floor to the first floor. You will be greeted in the first floor lobby for registration.
  • Read more about the Studentenheim here:

Baggage allowance

Carefully examine the restrictions of any airline ticket you purchase and know the cost of making changes and excess baggage charges. AIMS cannot be responsible for misunderstandings or changes nor can we influence the airline’s decisions regarding your ticket category. Only certain large instruments qualify for extra baggage charges.