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During your time at AIMS you’ll live and study right in the heart of Graz, the second largest city in Austria. From its famous red roofs to its stunningly preserved medieval city center – the largest in Europe – Graz is full of charm and surprises at every turn. You’ll find magnificent modern buildings next to ancient architectural treasures. It’s a city full of world-class museums, magnificent palaces, splendid courtyards, beautiful churches and lush green spaces. And with three universities hosting 44,000 students, Graz is full of restaurants and cafes, cabarets and comedy clubs as well.

The city’s central location allows for weekend excursions by car or train to Vienna, the Austrian alps, Salzburg, Ljubljana, Venice, Budapest, Munich and Austria’s wine region. The area around Graz is also home to many natural wonders – parks, waterfalls and trails that make for a perfect afternoon excursion.

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