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Nina Radtke
German Diction & Speaking Lieder Lyrics

Nina is from Hildesheim in the northern part of Germany and speaks absolutely dialect free.
She has been the German Diction Coach at the Stadttheater Hildesheim and has freelanced worldwide via Facetime, and was a German and classical Latin Diction Coach at AIMS for 16 years.
Nina is a Speech pathologist with a degree from LMU Munich, Germany.
Logotherapy and Existential Analysis / Viktor E. Frankl
Lecturer Oral Communication for Teacher Students / Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Germany
Familiar with Oper, Operette, Lied, Oratorium, Konzert
Author: „Diction with Conviction“ and „Schläft ein Lied…“ ( about German Art Song) -translated by Robert Rocco, Winston-Salem