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Jeremy Peterman

I had the chance to work with so many good and serious singers as well as top-notch teachers…that alone was worth it, but I carried away so much from the program that the cost was minuscule compared to what I learned.  Contrary to being burnt out by six weeks of intensive music studying, at the … Continued

Jennifer Metheny

The music, the people I met, and the atmosphere were so incredible!  My experience with AIMS is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Aidan Soder

I learned SO much and had a fabulous time with all my new friends, colleagues, and contacts.  I am very thankful for all of the opportunities to sing that I was given.

Nancy Marriott

AIMS was a wonderful experience of learning, performing, and seeing a dedicated staff in action. I am personally better from being blessed to have had this opportunity. Many thoughts continue to filter down from this unique and outstanding musical studies program.

Marsha Thompson

The AIMS experience is necessary for any opera singer that doesn’t want to just ’fall into’ the European music scene.  With dedication and diligence, one can come away with a wealth of knowledge and preparation.

Jo Ella Todd

I am proud to say that I am passing on some of what I learned at AIMS to my students, who consistently win state and regional vocal competitions, secure leads in the opera at UM, and go on to graduate schools and conservatories in the US. Thanks for your inspiration!

Kayla Bailey

I want to thank all of you for being a vital part of my growth into an emerging professional artist. Being a part of AIMS last summer opened my eyes to the professional world of music and helped me understand who I am as an artist and what I needed to accomplish to transition from … Continued

Alexandra Flood

Acting and audition classes at AIMS had a direct and immediate impact on my career. I completed my first professional audition right after AIMS for the Salzburg Festival young artist program, and got offered a contract on the spot! I don’t think I could have achieved that result before my summer at AIMS. I would … Continued

Makeda Hampton

During the six-week program at AIMS, I received voice lessons and coachings. I also took my first German class and became attracted to the German language.  My affinity for German caused me to take a particular interest in its poetic-song companion, the Lied.  It is an aspect within standard solo vocal literature that I admire.  … Continued

Eldric Bashful

AIMS has given me a true sense of where I need to work from – how I measure up and areas I need to strengthen for a future in classical singing. I learned more about my voice and how to maximize its use in one week at AIMS than I had in three years.